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by CeNedraWood

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Moodthemes by CeNedra
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NOTE! IF YOU HAVE ONE OF MY ROSWELL MOODTHEME, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND GIVE ME THE ZIP FILE OF THE PICTURES! i lost the files when i switched servers and my computer crashed so it's gone now, please give me the files if you have them! thanks!

Moodthemes by cenedrawood

Visit moody_girls.

1. If you have your own server, please upload them to it and don't direct link to mine. If you don't then direct link. If you want to upload them to your own server in case of bandwidth problems, then let me know and give me your email an i can hopefully send you all of he pictures so that you have them, or tell me how to zip them and I can try to do that. However, if this becomes a problem with my bandwidth (which it isnt right now) I will have to make it so that you can only upload to you're own server, and I will not let anyone direct link.
2. Give me credit in your userinfo. Credit moody_cenedra or cenedrawood I don't care where you put it in userinfo, but it better be there. I didnt work my ass off for nothing.
3. Comment and tell me that you've taken the moodtheme. Try to comment on the moodtheme entry itself so I know which you are talking about.
4. The most important factor of all of this is to Enjoy the moodtheme. drool all over it! ^_^

James McAvoy
BSG : Act of Contrition
The Dean Show
Colin Firth
Jason Mraz
Elijah Wood
Sean Astin
Dominic Monaghan
Billy Boyd
Keira Knightley
Brother Cadfael
No Image Roswell
Pirates of the Caribbean

Instructions for use of moodthemes by Paid Accounts
1) download the zip file from the link and open it
2) save all pictures to your own server (do not hotlink).
3) open the txt file and copy all of its contents
4) paste this all in word
5) after this is pasted and all your pictures are uploaded to your own server, go to edit->replace. next to find what: place http://www.yoursite.com. next, on the replace with: place the link to your uploaded pictures, such as http://www.blinddog.com/images/god/.
6) go into the Command Console and enter this:
moodtheme_create "Colin Firth" "Colin Firth by CeNedraWood."
this will give you a number such as 67932
7) take this number, and go into word where the txt file has been copied. go to edit->replace. next to find what: place 12345. next, on the replace with: place the number that was given to you from the Command Console, such as 67932.
8) after that has been done, copy all of the word document and paste it into the Command Console.
9) go to Modify Journal and under moodtheme, select the Colin Firth moodtheme.
10) enjoy your moodtheme!!!

if you have any problems or need help, feel free to im me on aim (dj bac t) or email me (cenedrawood@livejournal.com).

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